How kfzteile24 Saved me from a Rip-off in Germany

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Wherever you go, the automobile has become an indispensable part of our lives. The history of the automobile is not more than 200 years old, and it is encouraging to see that mankind has not only mastered this mode of transport but introduced into it new innovations that continue to surprise the world today.

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The city of Berlin is one of the most developed in all of Germany. That is not surprising at all, given that it is the nation’s capital city as well.

The rate of technological innovation and absorption is enormous. Germans are known to be technologically efficient, curious and innovative.

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High Hopes

You can add the word ‘demanding’ to this list too. Germany itself, along with Britain and the USA, has its own enviable record of innovating and promoting the development of the automobile.

A History of Innovation

The auto industry in Germany had a great beginning. The combined intelligence and inventiveness of Nicolaus Otto and Karl Benz resulted in the invention of the 4 stroke combustion engine in 1887.

The Great Depression

By the 1920s, around 80 car companies were in production in Germany. However, the Great Depression of the 1930’s led to a decline in car production and development.

Despite this, big names like Opel and Daimler-Benz managed to survive. American car manufacturers like Ford also started entering into the German car market.

A Chance for Revival

In the 1940s, Germany was focused on reviving the auto industry. Under this initiative, aptly supported by the Government, the famous Volkswagen Beetle was created in 1937.

But once again, the start of the Second World War in 1939 brought things to a halt and efforts were diverted towards military production. Car production was replaced by tanks, guns and bullets. Even airplanes had to be created to support the Luftwaffe.

The Development Decades

The revival of Germany since the 1950s and beyond also saw many developments in terms of local and international collaborations. Britain and Italy entered into collaborations with local manufacturers and there were corporate buyouts and even hostile takeovers. 

A New History

Since the advent of the 21st century, there have been many changes in the German car manufacturing landscape. BMW, Opel, Volkswagen are some of the names to watch.

It is not surprising that the latest technical innovations in even electric car manufacturing are based in Europe, specifically Germany, where a former Ford executive is one of the most respected researchers and innovators in this field.  

How I Recently Survived a Rip-off in Germany

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