Give Your Personalized Gym an Elegant Look with Low Profile Treadmills

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The health benefits of regular exercise or any physical activity are difficult to ignore.  One can also feel better about their appearance when one can exercise regularly, which boosts your confidence and improve self-esteem.  A treadmill at home allows you to exercise more regularly. You can even watch your favorite TV show, listen to music or even work on your laptop while running on the treadmill.  Anybody can enjoy the luxury of having a treadmill at their home through the Best Low-profile treadmills which is the easiest option to improve your fitness

Treadmills are big, but they can be fit in at your low-ceiling space.  It is not easy to find the dimensions you need, as there are a lot of variables including incline settings, the height of the user, and the height of the ceiling.  If you are thinking of having a low deck height best Low profile treadmills, please make sure to consider the following basic points:

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The average ceiling height of a room is 9 feet tall.  The is enough for most of the treadmill models.  It is better to get a tape and measure the height of your room floor to ceilings.  The height should be enough to place your new treadmill in your room. 


For users between the heights of 5.2” to 6.2”, the fitting of a treadmill in the basement would be entirely different.  Keep in mind, who is using the treadmill and how much space is required to accommodate the tallest user.  The user height is equally important before getting a treadmill.  It is better to decide whether the treadmill is of the right height for the right user:

  1. Measure the deck height of the treadmill.
  2. Measure the height of the room
  3. Consider the height of the user

It would take an additional 4-5” from when the treadmill is completely included in normal cases. 

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The measurement between the floor and the running area of the treadmill is called deck height.  It is an important consideration which is about 8 inches.  The first thing to remember is the deck height when you are purchasing a low-profile treadmill.  Measure the height of the tallest person, add the height to the total height of the deck and then add 5” to get the right one. 


One of the important things to note is the running surface.  It should be strong and lively.  Most of the running decks are made of high-quality PVCs and foam.   The running space must be long and comfortable for adequate durations. 


A barebones treadmill will do the work for you, but features like cup holders, heart rate monitors, and foldable speakers are more attractive and enjoyable.  This is entirely your decision.  People may be satisfied with the simplest while some will go for the various additional accessories like holders, consoles, etc. 


Users should consider that treadmill is made of good materials and is long-lasting.  Heavy strength treadmills can cost a bit more, but you should not compromise on the quality of the machine.