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HI everyone and specially the foreign nationals from China, my name is Teng Mei.  I would like to share my experience of having the experience of Dinnerly, which helps me in making my grandmother happy by providing her best healthy food and it also make her smile with the special deals and discounts on her favorite recipes in the form of Dinnerly Discount Codes.

We are a well settled family and live in Beijing in a joint family system.  I have completed by school studies and now wanted to get admission at Texas University or further studies.  Studying abroad was a dream for me from the childhood and the family also knows about it. I was good in studies and sure that I will be selected on the first list. As expected, I was selected and have to join the University in a month’s time.   The entire family was happy and my father has also arranged an apartment for me to live, through one of his friend living in US.

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It was all good and I start my shopping and other stuff for the US, suddenly my grandmother come up with a unique idea.   Since neither my father nor mother can go with me, she voluntarily offered herself to accompany me and live with me at the US.   The decision is now pending with my father and somehow my grandmother convinced my father that she will go with me to an all-new place.  The family has also arranged a local cook over there for the two of us.

As we landed at the Airport, it was all excitement and curiosity.    After reaching the apartment, we had some food made by the local cook and start setting our rooms.  The cook knew how to cook but he was not an expert of Chinese Dishes.  

It’s been a month and I start feeling that my grandmother is very much irritated and annoyed.  On enquiry, she complaint that the cook is not aware of any Chinese Dish.   I can understand her concern.  She was right at her place.  I promise to arrange Chinese Food for her over the week end.  

On the same night, while sitting at my computer, I saw “Dinnerly Meals” which are offering special deals and discounts on your favorite recipes in the form of Dinnery coupon codes.

As promised by my grandmother, in the next week end, I decided to have an experience of Dinnerly Recipes and selected my grandmother favorite recipe Chicken in Peanut Sauce with Noodles.  There was a recipe card with the order as well.   With the help of Recipe Card, I made the food ready within half an hour and presented to my grandmother and I cannot share her feelings and emotions. 

It was all very good experience of Dinnerly for giving a smile to my grandmother, however, she took me a promise that I will arrange Chinese Food for her every weekend.

Thankfully making Chinese food for my grandmother is not a difficult task as long as Dinnerly Meal Plans    are available.